Parapets, railings & handrails

Parapets, railings & handrails

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The balconies, semi-outdoor spaces, stairs, walkable roofs and all walkable floors whose level is higher than 1.00 m. from the surrounding neighboring space, must be surrounded by parapets suitable to prevent people from falling. Parapets can be solid or non-solid or a combination of these two forms.

The height of parapets must be at least 1.00 m. and is measured at each point from the corresponding level of the finished floor. On stairs, this height is measured by the runs vertically from the edge of the step.

The height of solid parapets may not be greater than 1.20 m. In parapets that are not exclusively solid, the surface from the floor to the required height must be provided with intermediate elements, such as bars, grids, unbreakable curtains, as such way to ensure the following:

  • There should be no gaps with a vertical height greater than 0.25 m., unless their horizontal length is less than 0.15 m., in which case there is no restriction on the vertical height of the gaps.

  • No horizontal gaps greater than 0.15 m., unless their vertical height is less than 0.25 m., in which case there is no limit to the horizontal length of the gaps.

In special buildings frequented by children (schools, museums, etc.), the following restrictions are imposed:

  • It is forbidden for the parapet to be built with horizontal elements that can be a climbing ladder.

  • The vertical dimension of the gap may not be greater than 0.15 m.

In buildings and constructions, a handrail must be installed on at least one side of each staircase and each ramp that has a slope greater than 6%. On ladders with a clear width greater than 1.20 m., handrails must be installed on both sides. Staircases are not required to have handrails.

The handrails are placed at a height of at least 0.75m. and not higher than 1m. On stairs, this height is measured by the runs vertically from the edge of the step.

The handrails must have a shape that allows continuous sliding of the hand over them. Towards the outer side of each handrail and along its entire length there must be a free space between it and any structure of at least 0.05m.

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