Looking for tips to breathe new life into your space?

Looking for tips to breathe new life into your space?

Looking for tips to breathe new life into your space? 1920 1440 Μηχανικοί | Κρίτων O.E. Kriton

Materials, textures and colors play an important role in the interior decoration of your space. By combining natural materials, such as wood and stone, with manufactured materials, such as tile, you marry the warmth of the traditional with the austerity of the modern. Don’t be afraid to play with textures! Choose smooth and shiny surfaces, which will reflect the texture of natural materials.

Use the same base of materials and colors in all areas. Drop phrases like “that’s the way it’s done” and choose something that’s functional and necessary just for you. Get rid of objects and furniture that do not offer you anything.

Choose your decorations carefully. By choosing, for example, metal objects in gold or black, you create a contrast with the other materials and give your personal touch to the space. The choice of decorations can be the connecting link in all your spaces.

Artificial lighting plays a dominant role in highlighting or even separating your materials. For decorative secondary lighting, choose warm white, so that the colors are not altered too much and warmth is emitted in your space. Choose this lighting in places where you want to emphasize something and dim the main lighting for a relaxing evening.

Now the fabrics… Pick two colors you like and use them on the couch, chairs, curtains, pillows, headboard, etc. All the in-between shades of your chosen colors are legitimate and match, but don’t overdo it! If you choose an intense color, use white or light gray in combination, to calm the intensity and highlight it better.

Indoor plants are part of the decoration as they can change the whole feeling you have created. Their combination with natural materials brings life to your space and gives you the feeling that you are sitting in the yard, while you are actually in the living room. Of course, indoor plants also have benefits as many of them clean the atmosphere and absorb radiation from your devices!


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