Arbitrarily – Why should we all care?

Arbitrarily – Why should we all care?

Arbitrarily – Why should we all care? 1920 1440 Μηχανικοί | Κρίτων O.E. Kriton

A key issue that concerns most owners is the existence of arbitrary constructions on their property and the difficulties they can create are in transfers and licensing.
As engineers of the company “KRITON G.P.”, from the years we have been active in the field, we have found that most arbitrary works are done due to the ignorance of the owners regarding the required permits.

Most people wonder:

Is the sun canopy arbitrary? Did I need a permit to change my window and door frames?

The truth is that any work done on the property in violation of the building permit or without the issuance of a permit is considered arbitrary. Even for the change of use of the building, a permit is required in most cases.

So if it is found that there are arbitrary constructions on your property, then you can make them legal in two ways:

  • Any arbitrary works that have been carried out until 28/7/2011 are subject to Law 4495/2017 on their regularization, as long as they meet the required criteria.

  • Any arbitrary works that have been carried out after 28/7/2011 can be legalized by issuing the corresponding permit, after ensuring that they comply with the provisions of the urban planning legislation.

Why do I need to legitimize my arbitrariness?

One of the main reasons is that the existence of arbitrary prohibits you from proceeding with any sale, transfer, rental or licensing process.
Due to the state’s effort to put an end to arbitrary construction, it created a series of mechanisms to prevent new arbitrary ones. Thus, from 28/7/2011 onwards, for every act in rem concerning the property, an engineer’s certificate of non-existence of arbitrary is requested. The culmination of these efforts is the creation of a national electronic database for all properties through the digital platform of the Technical Chamber of Greece entitled “Electronic Building Identity”.

So having your properties in order now, you will be ready at any time for any action you want to take: license, notary or business deed. You will have ensured that your children will receive trouble-free properties, ready to use.

So plan ahead and start your procedures in time. You will be assured, ready and calm.
We are at your disposal for any clarification you need.

Giarmadouros Konstantinos
Machairoudis George

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