Pergola / Shelter / Canopy

Pergola / Shelter / Canopy

Pergola / Shelter / Canopy 1920 1080 Μηχανικοί | Κρίτων O.E. Kriton

A pergola is the external uncovered fixed structure, intended for the climbing of plants or for sun protection by the placement of temporary fabric shades, temporary thatched shades and mobile elements, excluding any other vertical or horizontal filling elements of the supporting body of the structure.

A shelter is the inaccessible fixed or mobile element in continuity with the sides of the building (cantilever) and beyond its surface. Mobile shelters may have vertical supports.

A canopy is a non-accessible fixed structure, cantilevered or on stilts, built with solid fixed or movable elements on its roof. The canopy is either placed in contact with one face without being a continuation of the supporting body, provided that it is made of a different material or is at a minimum distance d/4 from any face of the building, without the above restrictions applying.

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