Atrium & open semi-outdoor spaces

Atrium & open semi-outdoor spaces

Atrium & open semi-outdoor spaces 1709 2560 Μηχανικοί | Κρίτων O.E. Kriton


Atrium is the unroofed part of the building that is surrounded on all sides by the building’s facades or the boundaries of the plot, in which they can have openings, spaces of main or auxiliary use and a circle of diameter D is inscribed in it. A solar patio is also defined as an atrium, when it is surrounded on all sides by the building’s facades, is housed by transparent elements of indirect solar gain and contributes to the overall energy efficiency of the building. To avoid overheating, this area during the summer season is left open in parts, according to a relevant study or is shaded by light elements.


Open semi-outdoor spaces are the unheated covered spaces, which have at least one open side to the common area or to the uncovered areas of the plot and the length of the opening is equal to or greater than 35% of the total length of the perimeter of the open semi-outdoor space.

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